VP Harris Refused To Face America, Said ‘You Will Not Pin This Shit On Me’ Despite Key Role In Afghanistan Withdrawal Planning – Report


Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly refused to stand alongside Joe Biden as he addressed the nation on the Afghanistan chaos, allegedly saying “you will not pin this shit on me” despite her massive role in Biden’s US troop withdrawal decision.

Before Biden gave an 18 minute speech to justify his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan as the Taliban took over the country, Kamala Harris reportedly refused to stand alongside him as he spoke. “You will not pin this shit on me,” Harris reportedly said. However in April, Harris had bragged that she played a key role in Biden’s decision to withdraw, as was reported by Politico. She even confirmed that she was the last person in the room with the President during the major discussion regarding his decision to pull out US troops by September 11. Via Politico:

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“This is a president who has an extraordinary amount of courage,” she said, regarding the decision. “He is someone, who I have seen over and over again, make decisions based on what he truly believes … is the right thing to do.”

Harris said that Biden “is acutely aware that it may not be politically popular, or advantageous for him personally; it’s really something to see.”

“I have seen him over and over again make decisions based exactly on what he believes is right,” she noted.

As was noted by the Gateway Pundit, “Harris was not taking any credit for the fiasco in Afghanistan this weekend as she reportedly refused to address the nation.  What a mess the US is in when illegitimate candidates try to run things.  This is a total mess.” (SEE MORE: VIDEO: Afghan Civilians Cling To US Plane During Takeoff, Seen Falling From The Sky)

Major General Hank Taylor was asked about abandoned Afghan military equipment during a Pentagon press conference on Monday, as National File reported. “Is the U.S. taking any other sort of steps to prevent aircraft or other military equipment from falling into the hands of the Taliban?” Taylor was asked. “I don’t have information on the second part of the question,” he added in regards to the question about equipment. “So there’s no, no U.S. action is being taken to prevent equipment from falling into the hands of the Taliban by destroying it or anything else?” the reporter followed up. “I don’t have the answer to that question,” the general affirmed. (READ MORE: TRUMP: Afghanistan Withdrawal Concept Is Not The Issue, ‘It’s The Grossly Incompetent Way We Left!’)