Walmart Pulls Sweater of Santa Doing Cocaine


A Christmas sweater of Santa holding a rolled-up banknote in his right hand while facing three thin lines of a suspicious white substances and his pupils massively dilated, reading “let it snow,” has been pulled from Walmart’s Canadian website after the sweater went viral on social media.

The massive international retailer was selling the bizarre sweaters on their Canadian website under the category of  ‘ugly Christmas sweaters.’

Walmart also pulled ‘sexually suggestive’ sweaters from their line as they drew a social media firestorm, according to The Daily Mail.

A Walmart spokesperson said that the sweaters ‘do not represent Walmart’s values’ and blamed a third party seller for allowing the sweaters to get online.

According to The Daily Mail, other ugly sweaters included:

…St. Nick in compromising positions, including him climbing a chimney with his bare buttocks hanging over an burning fire place and the words, ‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’.

There also was a sweater with Santa, again bearing his behind, strapped to a table and about to be examined by an alien holding a ‘probe’.

Another sweater has a ‘naughty’ St. Nick being whipped by a white-haired dominatrix dressed in red, which presumably is supposed to be Mrs. Claus.

The ugly sweaters were fetching the price of $37 a pop.

This Christmas is gearing up to be brimming with controversy and faux-pas’: in spite of only 15% of British parents believing that ‘Father Christmas’ should be renamed to something more gender neutral, a British mother was berated by a social media group over the term, Father Christmas, and informed that she should opt for something less offensive.