Washington Kindergarteners Could Start Comprehensive Sex-Ed Course


A Washington sexual health bill which passed the State senate this week would require all public schools to have a compulsory comprehensive sex-ed for K-12.

Democrats behind the bill have said that the purpose of the bill is to empower and protect students.

If the bill were to be passed, teachers would be made to integrate this subject into their teaching for grades 6 through 12 by September 2020, and K through 5 by September 2021–drawing controversy at a time where critics are alarmed at the sexualized content directly at very young children.

In spite of some alarmism surrounding similar proposals, parents will be allowed to opt-out on behalf of their children.

In the UK, LGBT content taught at schools caused an uproar among Muslim parents, who weren’t given a similar opt-out choice.

One parent is facing jail for withholding his son from attending school to avoid the lessons.

According to K5 News: “Senate Bill 5395 would require all public school districts to provide comprehensive sexual health education that is evidence-informed, medically and scientifically accurate, age-appropriate and inclusive for all students.”

The bill has polarized the debate, with Republicans wanting the teaching material to be decided at local, rather than state, level.

Democratic Senator Manka Dhingra said, “It really helps teach our children how to have those tough conversations in relationships, how to have conversations about consent and how to understand our bodies.

“Our bodies are not taboo.”

However, Republican Senator Mike Padden said, “I think we will have a lot of families leave the public school systems rather than have these sorts of values which go against, in some occasion, their deeply held beliefs and morals.”

After having stalled last year, the bill will head to the committee in the House.

In the UK, a local council came under fire for adding content to teaching material which talked about masturbation with children as young as 4.