WATCH: Alex Jones says ‘I Identify as a Goldfish’ at Women’s March


At a Women’s March protest censored internet pundit and international water filter salesman, Alex Jones, revealed a new public identity: a goldfish.

Alex Jones and Kaitlin Bennett, from Liberty Hangout, donning pink pussy hats attended the Women’s March where Jones launched a furious tirade repudiating his previously held positions.

According to National File:

Radio and TV host Alex Jones traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Women’s March, Lobby Day in nearby Richmond, Virginia, and to cover the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, and found a way to blend in with protestors.

Donning a pink “pussy hat” and a signature t-shirt, Jones began chanting “Down With Trump,” accompanied by his bullhorn, fist raised to the air, as he walked down the street.

In this particular clip, Jones starts off by ranting: “America has never been great, it’s never gonna be great, it sucks. No borders, no walls, no USA at all!”

Jones continues by saying: “all the police are bad. All the military’s bad. Only MS13 are God’s children, like Nancy Pelosi said–and I finally get it!”

At this point, Jones starts jumping up and down, screaming, “I hate America! I hate Trump, I love George Soros and Hillary!”

After the initial rant, when things calm down a little, Bennett asks Jones, “What’s your name?” To which Jones responds, “What’s my name?” and mumbles a little before affirming: “I’m a non-binary.”

“I identify as a goldfish,” Jones adds, making the small crowd around him chuckle.

The clip cuts to another part of the march where Jones alludes to comedian, Michelle Wolf.

Jones begins by saying: “kill the babies like Michelle Wolf said; she felt good murdering her child, she said it felt better.”

He then jokingly admits, “I’ve joined George Soros,” before adding, “and I say down with Trump, down with the babies, and down with America.”

In the background, a pink-haired heckler begins a high-pitched laughter to interrupt Jones’ monologue.

The rest of the video shows Bennett in a few exchanges with protesters–both criticizing Bennett’s content of character rather than answering her questions.