WATCH: Meet a ‘Gay’ Trans Dad with 42JJ Breasts, Disabled Partner, and Bisexual Daughter


Ex-Air Force vet, Maxine Montoya, 38, From San Diego, got a massive 42JJ breast enlargement to ‘express her femininity.’

Montoya has also expressed a desire to continue expanding upon previous breast augmentations.

Montoya who recently appeared on an episode of Extreme Love discussing his life with his disabled partner, and bisexual daughter.

Montoya claims he would have made the transition earlier had he been around the positive vibes emitted by his daughter–who came out as bisexual at age 9.


My Dad’s Big Boobs And Me

A gay trans ‘dad’ with HUGE boobs, a disabled partner and a bisexual daughter – this family might be ‘different’, but they totally own it 🙌

Posted by Extreme Love on Friday, October 4, 2019

Montoya was married when he first came out as transgender.

On transitioning, The Mirror reports:

Maxine thinks she would have also transitioned earlier if she had been surrounded by the same positive influences as her daughter.

She said: “I was raised in a very sheltered, conservative household.

“With all the information that’s available now on the internet, if I had that I probably would have done this a lot sooner.”

Recalling her time in the armed forces, Maxine said: “My mother wanted me to join the military, I honestly don’t have very fond memories of my experiences there.

“I was in a culture that did not accept me.”

Although she left the military before transitioning, Maxine was still in service when she started cross dressing.

Montoya remained in the military for eleven years before transitioning.

Montoya’s daughter, Mia, said: “I see no reason why a trans woman can’t be a father – I’m still her father, I’m just a woman and a dad.”

She added: “There was never any need for me to change what I call my dad because my dad always said ‘I fathered you, so you can continue to call me by that name.’”

According to The Daily Mail:

Maxine has now been on Hormone Replacement Therapy for over a year and a half, and says living as a woman has made her happier than ever.

However, in order to reduce the dosage of testosterone blockers she needs to take, or potentially even come off them completely, Maxine is currently planning to get bottom surgery too.

Montoya states: ‘I could talk about my boobs all day, I couldn’t be happier with the results I got from my breast augmentation.

‘Why this big? I see this as something empowering. That exaggeration of femininity and what it represents.

‘I sometimes wonder if I want to get bigger.’