WATCH: Parents Rally Against Sex Ed For Kindergarteners


Protesters rallied at the state capitol in Olympia, Washington Thursday against the state government’s push to install comprehensive sex education classes for public schoolchildren beginning in kindergarten.

SB 5395, which would mandate the sex ed classes for toddlers, passed the state Senate Saturday, but parents are holding out hope that they can get Washington Governor Jay Inslee to exercise common sense and veto the bill when it crosses his desk.

Democrat Rep. Monica Stonier, who is spearheading the legislative effort, said that kindergarteners would learn about supposedly good and bad kinds of touching, while LGBT lessons would be provided in older grades. Stonier stated, “We are teaching them the skills they need to have healthy relationships in an age-appropriate way.”

Parents’ Rights In Education bristled at dismissive news coverage of the parent protest, stating, “King 5 News claimed that it was a ‘small’ gathering. (fake news) There were around 3,000 there saying NO to CSE!”

“If you don’t protect your kids now, who will? If you don’t care what’s happening…OH! You will!,” said a woman at the protest, quoted by Parents’ Rights In Education.

Check out the energy and passion of the protest crowd:

Rep. Michelle Caldier, a Republican, is standing up for the parents and fighting for common sense opposition to the bill.