WATCH: Whole Foods CEO Says Socialism Is ‘Trickle Up Poverty,’ Doomed to Fail


In an unexpected turn of events, the CEO of Whole Foods, long considered a darling of the Progressive Left, has come out against the idea of institution Socialism in the United States. In fact, he didn’t just come out against it, he tantamount to railed against it.

John Mackey, the founder and CEO of Whole Foods, in a livestream interview with the American Enterprise Institute Tuesday, that Socialism is a failed system that “impoverishes everything.”

In a courageous statement made during an age that ignorantly refuses to see the dangers of Socialism, Mackey characterized the failed ideology as “trickle-up poverty.”

“Socialism has been tried 42 times in the last 100 years, and 42 failures,” Mackey said. “It doesn’t work, it’s the wrong way. We have to keep capitalism.”

Mackey acknowledged that at times and in extreme cases Capitalism can be bastardized by special interests but said the alternative of Socialism is unquestionably far worse than Capitalism even in its bastardized form.

In an interview with the National File, Yuri Vanetik, a Ukrainian-born American financier and political coalition builder, a man who knows full-well the many failures of Socialism said, “There is now talk of ‘Democratic Socialism’ to distinguish – and more accurately to disguise – the failed theories of Marx and Engels embraced by dictators and fools.  The argument is often veiled in congeniality and uses such words and phrases as ‘fairness’ and ‘giving back’ as though earned success is theft.”

“The Bernie Sanders styled socialists argue that unlike Socialism of old, only when private decisions have significant public implications are they subject to government control,” Vanetik continued. “This, they argue, is the true Democratic Socialism. In fact, Democratic Socialism is no different from any old form of Socialism. Every material private choice has, arguably, impact on the state of public affairs.”

Defending the many benefits of Capitalism, Mackey said, “It needs to evolve, otherwise the socialists are going to take over – that’s how I see it, and that’s the path of poverty.”

Throwing a bone to the Progressives whose knees Mackey made buckle, he added that “we have to recognize that some of the progressive insights are important and they shouldn’t go away, but we can’t throw out Capitalism and replace it with Socialism, that will be a disaster.”