‘We Build The Wall’ Slams Open-Borders Priest For ‘Promoting Human Trafficking’


A nonprofit organization committed to helping President Donald Trump fulfill his promise to build a “big, beautiful, wall” on the Southern border has fired back at a left-wing priest who is desperately trying to block new stretches of border barrier.

We Build The Wall has erected a significant section of high-tech barrier in Sunland Park, New Mexico, funded by donations from American families, and is currently working on completing a new stretch of wall in Texas near the Rio Grand Valley.

This success has come despite efforts from various sources to shut down the project, the most notable being Father Roy Snipes of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

Snipes has become a media darling for his anti-immigration enforcement rhetoric, courting the spotlight in publications like the LA Times and The Atlantic in a manner that seems unusual for a supposed humble man of the cloth.

“It hurts and it kind of bewilders us, me and many others, but not everybody,” Snipes commented on the wall going up near Rio Grande Valley in Mission, Texas. “Obviously, there’s people who think it’s a wonderful idea, they think it’s a brilliant idea, not us.”

We Build The Wall founder and decorated United States Air Force Veteran Brian Kolfage responded to Snipes’ rhetoric in a statement to The Rundown News.

“It’s disheartening to see a local catholic priest openly advocate his political agenda of anti border barriers,” Kolfage told The Rundown News. “He is promoting human trafficking and abuse of women and children. Instead of driving around in expensive boats with media he should be helping to feed the record poor and homeless in his own community or helping to combat the rampant pedophilia in the church by priests. We have many lifetime Catholics on our board and our donor base who are disgusted with this priest’s behavior.”

Kolfage made it clear that while Snipes and the local media may not view border security as a “wonderful idea,” the tens of millions of Americans who voted President Trump into into office by a significant margin based on his immigration policies certainly do.