We Need Your Help: An Update On National File’s Legal Defense Fund


Earlier this year, National File announced a legal defense fund to fight back against a lawsuit from newly-elected U.S. Senator Mark Kelly. With your help, National File has gotten further than anyone expected us to, but we’re not done yet.

Mark Kelly hired a top team of veteran Hillary Clinton lawyers from Perkins Coie, a law firm routinely referred to as “The Hillary Clinton Firm” by pundits. Their top lawyer, Marc Elias, worked on Clinton’s 2016 campaign, and the top lawyer involved in the suit against National File just happens to be the same lawyer who got Clinton out of her bathroom email scandal. (Here’s our GiveSendGo if you’re able to help.)

Covfefe Coffee

Perkins Coie reached a totally new level of fame when Elias involved the firm in an effort to stop the Arizona Audit by sending a massive team of lawyers into the state in a failed attempt to stop the audit in its tracks, and likely, to prevent other states from pursuing their own audits.

In response, National File hired a team of lawyers from a firm routinely called the best in Arizona to put together an impenetrable defense. As we begin to enter the discovery phase of the lawsuit, our lawyers are spending hours poring over research and writing subpoenas that will be sent to virtually every media organization in Arizona. Already, as if to protect their ally in the Senate, some of these media companies are objecting to the subpoenas. But don’t worry, we’ll send more. Make no mistake: This lawsuit was filed to save Mark Kelly’s seat, and he’s up for reelection in 2022. (Our lawyers are extremely talented, and their fees reflect it. Please donate to our GiveSendGo today.)

National File and its entire team want to thank our readers for lending their support. We’re the news outlet that broke the Paul Pelosi scandal, the Ashley Biden diary, the West Point scandal, Ruby Freeman’s connection to Shay Moss, and both Cal Cunningham affair – which arguably helped the Republicans hold the Senate in 2020 – and the John Merrill affair. With less than two years under our belt, it’s hard to say any news organizations have had as much of an impact on American politics as National File.

And we did it all with no major backing. National File isn’t funded by big pharma, and that’s why we can report about clear and credible concerns about the controversial COVID-19 vaccines. National File isn’t funded by Conservative Inc., and that’s why we can report on the fake conservatives in the Republican Party, and how many of them left the 2020 election open to fraud like we’ve never seen before in this country. Our sole sources of funding are the ads you see on this website (we’d like to see less of them, too, by the way) and donations from generous readers like you.

Please, help us stay in the fight as we advance to the next stage in litigation. We need your support more than ever before to beat this team of Hillary Clinton lawyers, and prove that the truth matters more than the size of Mark Kelly’s war chest. Donate securely via our website, or via our GiveSendGo, and know that you’re helping the one news outlet left in America that has only one agenda: America First.

For America,

Tom Pappert
National File