‘White Rage’ General Milley Refused To Help Trump Invoke Insurrection Act And Stop 2020 BLM Riots


JSOC Chair Mark Milley, who has become something of a national laughingstock for his comments about “white rage” during a congressional hearing this week, has a history of siding with violent leftists and black supremacists. During the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, Milley reportedly displayed an uncommon zeal in trying to prevent President Donald Trump from taking action against mass looters and insurrectionists.

As National File reported in January 2021, Milley allied with former Attorney General Bill Barr and Defense Secretary Mark Esper to browbeat Trump out of invoking the Insurrection Act. According to a report by Axios, Trump became so exasperated with the subversion of Milley, Esper, and Barr that he slammed his hand against the Resolute Desk and exclaimed, “No one one supports me! No one gives me any f**king support!”

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Though President Trump grew increasingly upset over the disturbing images of police being assaulted, businesses being burned and looted, and calls for racial insurrection being promoted during the George Floyd protests, Milley and Barr reportedly tried to gaslight Trump by accusing him – not rioters – of promoting violence.

“Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost,” an upcoming book by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael C. Bender, alleges that in response to Trump’s wish to invoke the Insurrection Act, Milley pointed at a portrait of former President Abraham lincon hanging on the wall and claimed, “That guy had an insurrection. What we have, Mr. President, is a protest.” The book also says that when senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller stated that “These cities are burning,” Milley jabbed a finger in his direction and snapped, “Shut the f**k up, Stephen.”

Milley was pilloried by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday for a series of bizarre comments made by the JSOC chair that reference “white rage,” and defend the teaching of anti-white hate material in the military. “He’s not just a pig, he’s stupid,” Carlson said of Milley, adding, “Milley got the job because he is obsequious, he knows who to suck up to and he’s more than happy to do it. Feed him a script, and he will read it.”