Whoopi Goldberg Suggests That Clarence Thomas Will Outlaw Interracial Marriage


Last Updated on June 28, 2022

Whoopi Goldberg an avowed leftist and abortion advocate, made a bizarre prediction about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, suggesting that the justice will outlaw interracial marriage. Thomas wrote the opinion for the Dobbs case which overturned Roe v. Wade after nearly 50 years as codified law. In the opinion, Thomas included that he would intend to revisit some other previously decided cases, which could challenge the current laws surrounding gay marriage.

Whoopi Goldberg went on to explain that Thomas’ decision forces certain religious beliefs on the country. “You do not have the right based on your religious beliefs, to tell me…because what’s next? As Clarence Thomas is signaling, they would like to get rid of contraception.”

The forcing of Christian beliefs on those who reject them is often cited by pro-abortion advocates as a reason that abortion should not be restricted.

However, religious arguments for protecting the life of an unborn child were not used to form the concurring opinion in the Dobbs case. The argument cited by Thomas and the other justices voting to overturn Roe was that the 14th Amendment did not grant someone the right to deprive someone of life and liberty, as the concurring Roe decision claimed. “The Court well explains why, under our substantive due process precedents, the purported right to abortion is not a form of ‘liberty’ protected by the Due Process Clause,” Thomas wrote.

Where Whoopi Goldberg seemed to depart from reality the most was when she suggested that Thomas’ stated desire to revisit other due process cases would lead to him banning interracial marriage and reinstating the three-fifths compromise. Thomas himself is in an interracial marriage. “You better hope that nobody says, you know, well, you’re not in the Constitution. You’re back to being a quarter of a person.”

Twitter had some humorous reactions to Goldberg’s bizarre statements. One from comedian Tim Young lampooned that Thomas would outlaw interracial marriage to force a divorce between him and his wife.

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