Wired Promotes White Genocide, Fantasizes About ‘A Future Without White People’


Last Updated on August 18, 2022

Wired Magazine promoted White genocide in a recent article that fantasized about “a future without White people” while profiling a book titled “The Last White Man,” a fictional novel authored by a Pakistani author who enjoys British citizenship and was educated in the United States. The book, written by Mohsin Hamid, dreams of the disappearance of White people from planet earth.

“Whiteness is a seduction. Whiteness is also an illusion,” the article, written by Wired senior writer Jason Parham claims, hailing “The Last White Man” for posing the question of “what if Whiteness were suddenly gone?”.

Authored by Pakistani Muslim Mohsin Hamid, who was educated in the United States and holds British citizenship, “The Last White Man” chronicles a future in which White people worldwide suddenly turn brown. The novel largely follows a formerly White man named Anders who woke up to find that he had changed races.

“He wanted to kill the colored man who confronted him here in his home,” Hamid writes in “The Last White Man,” describing the violent response of Anders to his racial transformation. He wanted “to extinguish the life animating this other’s body, to leave nothing standing but himself, as he was before,” the book goes on, in what leftists are claiming is an introspective look into the psyche of White people.

Despite the overt anti-White racism expressed in the novel, Parham writes in his Wired review that Hamid didn’t go far enough. White people, Parham claims, even if they turn brown, are irredeemable.

“Whiteness physically recedes but it never vanishes completely,” writes Parham. “It has a psychological grip.”

“Hamid wants to believe that people can be better than they once were, that they can adapt to a world that has made more room for others,” Parham writes at another point in the article. “I’m less inclined to believe so,” he went on, before claiming that White people “hoard power and will do anything to protect it.”

At another point in his review of “The Last White Man,” Wired’s Jason Parham bemoans that the book doesn’t offer enough “insight” into how those who are “already marginalized” feel about White people turning brown.

“People of color are never afforded the privilege of insight at length,” complains Parham. “The janitor at Anders’ gym is Black but Hamid forgoes the opportunity to let us know what he is actually thinking, to peek into his world, and show us how the consequences of mass racial transformation ricochet into the lives of the already marginalized.”

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For Mohsin Hamid, “The Last White Man” largely picks up on the anti-White sentiments he left off with in his last novel, titled “Exit West.” In that book, Hamid portrayed White British citizens as genocidal psychopaths who forced Middle Eastern migrants into a London ghetto with “minimal food and electricity” after the migrants had discovered magical doors that would take them to the Western World. The fictionalized ghetto is dubbed “Black London” in Hamid’s “Exit West.”

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“The Last White Man” and Wired’s openly anti-White review of the book have generated mockery on social media and were among the main topics of discussion when the hashtag “#antiwhite” trended on Twitter this week.

Given the seeming endorsement of White genocide and ethnic cleansing in Wired’s review of the book, National File contacted the publication, asking if they do indeed support White genocide and if they would profile a similar novel targeting any other racial group on earth. but has received no response.

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