Woman Wants to Marry Airplane She’s Dated for 5 Years


A thirty-year-old German woman is to tie the knot with an airplane she’s dated–and expressed deep romantic feelings toward–for five years.

Michele Köbke, 30, from Berlin, claims to be dating a Boeing 737-800 passenger jet.

Köbke even addresses the flying machine as “darling.”

Köbke says she was first attracted to his wings, winglets and thrusters.

The Mirror reports Köbke claims to sleep with the plane every night–either with real components or a 1.6-meter model.

The two met five years ago at Berlin’s Tegel Airport, after striking out with flesh-and-bone human males.

Köbke had the following to say on their unconventional relationship:

“The last time I was in a relationship with a man was in 2011 but there was no love there

“Schatz is my first love. This is the most beautiful relationship you can imagine.

“My first flight was at the end of November 2013 and I became so in love with airplanes, I got so excited every time I looked at airplane pictures and videos.

“On March 11 2014 I was in Tegel Airport and visited the airplanes and then came a 737-800 airplane, which approached me, and I have been so in love with him since.

“Schatz is so nice and I love his aerodynamics and his appearance; especially his wings and his support surface – I love it. I was first attracted to his wings, winglets and thrusters.

“Every type of aircraft looks a bit different and my darling is the most updated version. My love is not easy, because I only meet him if I fly with my 737-800.

“In Hangar and Taxiway is not possible to be with him, so we don’t have much time together to enjoy each other’s company.”

Köbke has brought up challenges she faces in maintaining her long-distance relationship with the airplane, such as intimacy where she uses models and component parts to fulfill that particular area of the relationship.

Other strange relationships involving objectophilia have come to light.

In 2017, it was revealed that a 45-year-old woman wished to marry a train station she had loved for 36 years.

Last year, a student expressed a desire to marry ‘Tetris’ after a relationship with a calculator named ‘Pierre’ failed.

Other women claimed they had strong romantic feelings for the Eiffel Tower and the Berlin Wall.