You Can Watch ‘The Princess Bride’ With Ted Cruz This Weekend on Twitter


As America continues to fight the spread of coronavirus by staying home, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and a popular conservative Twitter account are offering an opportunity to come together to watch movies as a community.

The Comfortably Smug Twitter account recently began a digital movie night, known as #AloneTogether, where Twitter users watch the same movie simultaneously and offer their comments via the social media platform.

Since March, social media users have watched Goodfellas and There Will Be Blood as part of #AloneTogether.

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Today, the Comfortably Smug account announced the next edition of #AloneTogether, to take place on April 11, with The Princess Bride as the movie of choice, with Cruz as a special guest host.

“And our special guest host… Sen. Ted Cruz! While I have never seen the film before (I know) noted Princess Bride Expert @tedcruz will be able to take the lead,” wrote Comfortably Smug.

“Join us as we work together to flatten the curve and fight cabin fever!”

Cruz seemed to confirm the authenticity of his presence by retweeting Comfortably Smug, and by replying to the tweet.

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“Zodiac strikes again,” wrote Cruz, referring to the popular Internet meme that claims Cruz is the infamous Zodiac Killer.

Comfortably Smug went on to note that the film is not available on Netflix, but is available for rent via Amazon’s video service.

Comfortably Smug also said that, for users who are undergoing financial uncertainty due to coronavirus, there is a plan to pay for their rental.

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“If you’re among the many who have suffered job loss due to the virus, and money is tight but you want to join us, message @MatthewFoldi,” wrote Comfortably Smug. “I’ll cover as many folks as I can. We’re all in this together.”

Sen. Cruz has a famous affinity for The Princess Bride, and in 2015, acted out a scene from the movie during the 2016 presidential campaign, calling it his favorite scene.

National File has contacted both Comfortably Smug and Sen. Ted Cruz’s office for additional details on the event, but it seems to be confirmed that Americans will have the opportunity to watch the iconic film with the Texas senator.