‘YOU TRAITOR’: Lindsey Graham Heckled By Upset Americans At DC Airport


A group of angry Trump supporters approached Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) at the DC airport today, calling him a “traitor” for his role in the Senate decision to certify the fraudulent electoral college results on January 6, a move that millions of Americans saw as a back-stabbing of President Donald Trump by his own party.

“Lindsey Graham, you are a traitor to the country,” said a woman in the video to Senator Graham. “You knew it was rigged! You know it was rigged. You garbage human being. It’s going to be like this forever, wherever you go for the rest of your life.”

The Trump supporters are seen repeatedly shouting “audit the vote” as Graham ignores them and continues walking, surrounded by security.

“Audit the vote! Audit the vote! Audit the vote, piece of shit,” continued the Trump supporters. “Yeah he better! You son of a bitch! You better enjoy GITMO, fucking asshole.”

Another man can be heard saying “You don’t represent us anymore.”

After the dramatic events and protests at the US Capitol that followed after President Trump’s “Stop The Steal” speech, Graham vowed to jail Trump supporters and possibly charge them with sedition, as National File reported. 

Graham said that “sedition” might be on the table and vowed to continuously badger law enforcement to haul away the protesters, some of whom chanted “USA!” and carried American flags. The protesters, upset by the government’s resistance to an audit of the election result, were met with force by Capitol Police. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit was shot in the neck and killed by a police officer for participating in the protest.

Graham gained political relevance by attaching himself to President Trump’s MAGA movement, frequently appearing on “Hannity” to present himself as some kind of conservative rabble-rouser. But his establishment bona fides include years spent as John McCain’s bag man. Graham is a neocon who is clearly showing his true colors.