Youth Football Coach Shot Dead on Field in Front of 9-Year-Old Son by Brother of NFL Broadcaster, Former Player


Last Updated on August 16, 2022

Yaqub Talib, the brother of NFL broadcaster and former player Aqib Talib, has turned himself into Texas police in the shooting death of youth football coach Mike Hickmon. The shooting took place during a youth football scrimmage and Hickmon was shot dead on the field in front of his 9-year-old son, whose team he was coaching. According to new video evidence released by TMZ, Aqib Talib, who calls games for Prime Video, was in close proximity to his brother during the fatal altercation.

DEA Dragons youth football coach Mike Hickmon was shot dead on the field in the Dallas suburb of Lancaster, Texas as the team he coached and his 9-year-old son plays took part in a scrimmage on Saturday. The altercation that led to his shooting death, in which Yaqub Talib has been charged, reportedly started after Hickmon went to retrieve a stray football that was kicked away from him as he bent down to pick it up.

That started an on-field fight that ended in a man purported to be Yaqub Talib being shown on video shooting Hickmon, who himself played Division-1 college football at North Texas. At least five shots can be heard on the video as a man behind the camera frantically screams “oh shit! oh shit!”

After witnesses reported that Yaqub Talib was behind the shooting, police issued a warrant for his arrest and he ultimately turned himself in on Monday. A statement from his attorney said that Yaqub Talib “regrets the tragic loss of life but self-surrendered this morning so that he may have the chance to say his side of the story.” His attorney has suggested that there is a self-defense angle to Talib’s decision to shoot Hickmon.

While it was initially reported that Yaqub Talib’s brother, former NFL defensive back and current broadcaster Aqib Talib, was present at the game, TMZ Sports has now released a video that appears to show Aqib Talib alongside his brother during the fatal on-field altercation.

In the video, a group of men that according to TMZ includes both Talib brothers are seen fighting on the football field with Hickmon, who is trying to fend them off with a down marker.

At one point, Aqib Talib even appears to flail his arm as if he was attempting to land a punch on Hickmon, who was shot just seconds later.

Aqib Talib has had several run-ins with the law, including an incident in which police accused him and his mother of firing a gun at his sister’s boyfriend.

Longtime sportswriter Jason Whitlock, whose “Fearless” program is syndicated by The Blaze, blasted the “cultural rot” behind the shooting death of coach Mike Hickmon in his Sunday broadcast. Whitlock lamented the hypocrisy of left-wing race groups like Black Lives Matter as well as corporate media for ignoring the black-on-black violence that took the life of an active father, husband, church member, and little league football coach, all while pushing a race libel to advance a far-left agenda.

“The tragedy that befell Mike Hickmon is illustrative of a problem plaguing black neighborhoods that we’ve been groomed to ignore,” Whitlock said, noting that Hickmon’s sister Jennifer, who was a middle school teacher and mother and, like her brother, played Division 1 sports, was the victim of a black-on-black murder just 13 months ago.

“Those murders don’t matter,” Whitlock said, mimicking the views of left-wing race hustlers. “There are no white people to directly blame.”

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