YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP: ‘Warriors for Christ’ Channel Demonetized


The “Warriors for Christ,” operating under the mission of “snatching people from hell,” are facing the scrutiny of YouTube once again.

Richard Penkoski, who leads “Warriors for Christ”, a “pre-denominational ministry,” told Christian Post that in the four year duration of the YouTube channel, roughly 80% of their videos were already being demonetized.

Even so, the traffic from the more available videos would bring in an average of $600 per month in revenue.

As of mid-August, the rest of the videos on the page were also demonetized.

“I noticed that every video had that yellow dollar sign which means limited to no ads. So, I went on late at night and went through the support system for content creators. They wouldn’t give me any answers,” Penkoski detailed.

“This impacted every video, including prayer videos and ones that mentioned nothing about LGBT. We had other videos that were earlier reviewed and deemed OK that were also demonetized.”

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YouTube continues to insist that their choices regarding demonetization are not held in bias, but in adherence to their policies that every content creator agree to when they establish their profiles and agree to the terms and policies.

In the Christian Post report of their interactions with YouTube spokesperson, they reinforce that the content itself can be deemed too controversial.

“Content that features or focuses on sensitive topics or events is generally not suitable for ads,” the policy reads.  “This policy applies even if the content is purely commentary or contains no graphic imagery.”

YouTube makes the argument that all channels are subjected to these same policies. “In order for a channel to be eligible for advertising, it must also comply with our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines, which prohibit hateful content, violence, and controversial issues.”

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People such as Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer for at Prager University provide evidence to the contrary .

“YouTube continues to pretend to be politically neutral, while there is more evidence every day that they are targeting conservatives,” said Strazzeri.

“Why else would they restrict access to 5 of our videos on the 10 Commandments?”