YouTube Said All Content Creators Are Welcome, Then Banned InfoWars AGAIN


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki penned a letter this week claiming that all content creators, regardless of their view point, are welcome on the video platform, then immediately banned InfoWars when they decided to test the honesty of her message.

As National File reported, Wojcicki recently published a letter stressing the importance of the First Amendment and free speech on YouTube, saying that a robust conversation makes a better experience for users and is important for global discussion.

National File reported:

Wojcicki stated in the letter that creating an open platform is “more important than ever,” and that the benefits of freedom of expression far outweigh the costs. She argues that it “leads to opportunity… helps foster community… [and] leads to learning.”

Wojcicki said that this commitment to openness “is not easy” and means that the site must leave up “content that is outside the mainstream, controversial, or even offensive,” in order to create “a stronger and more informed society.”

Seeking to test the truthfulness of Wojcicki’s message, InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer, who hosts “War Room”, a daily news and analysis program, made a brief return to the platform earlier this week, only to be immediately banned by YouTube for unspecified reasons.

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“The last time I checked, Infowars isn’t allowed [on YouTube],” said Shroyer. “But you know what? I think we should test this. I think I’ll even have my crew test this, because we’ve done this before.”

“Let’s start a brand new YouTube page guys, the crew’s already on it.”

Within a few short hours, thanks in part to VICE News publishing an article publicizing the return of InfoWars, the new YouTube channel was terminated.

Speaking to National File, Shroyer said this type of censorship proves Wojcicki is either unaware of what happens in her own company, or is intentionally misleading YouTube users.

“I’m not sure Wojcicki even knows what’s going on,” said Shroyer. “Otherwise it would appear [she is intentionally misleading users].”

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Shroyer continued, “Everyone knows censorship on YouTube is politically charged. Everyone except YouTube apparently.”

As National File reported, other YouTube sensations are largely defending InfoWars and Alex Jones, including Joe Rogan who recently said Jones is “is the most misunderstood guy on the planet” and defended his record on topics ranging from Jeffrey Epstein to human-animal hybrids.